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310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)

310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)
310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)
310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)
310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)

310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)
300 cm Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks, Covering up to 310 cm (122 inches) DIY Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks (HT800WS). Suitable for straight windows as well as bay / curved windows (by adding 90-degree or 135-degree connectors).

Open and close the window curtain by RF remote control. Stop at any prefers position via remote.

Can be operated by hand while power off. Simple and easy installation with driver and control system in one box. Installation is very easy for everyone. Smart limit detection by saving the open and close positions. Automatic stop in seconds when the curtain is fully opened or closed. If you require different length, please visit our store or contact with us. Please contact with us for best offer. Open and close the window curtain by remote control, control pad, wall switch, or timers. Contact closure control for integrated systems. Automatic stop in 2 seconds when the curtain is fully opened or closed. Can also stop at any intermediate position via remote. Can be operated manually while power is off. Suitable for children (safe) or elders (convenient). Overloading protection within 30 seconds. Interface with other home automation system. Optional controlled by 24-Hour x 7-Day Timer. Optional controlled by Wall Switch. Ideal for home theatre curtains, living room drapery, dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, church baptisteries, convention booth curtains, hotels, etc.

Input Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz or 110-120V/60Hz. Maximum Remote Distance: 80 Meters. Range of the Curtain Width: 0.5 - 6.1 Meters by single motor. Maximum Load: 30-50 Kg depending on model.

Part List and Common Accessories. 2-6 pieces of one-meter-long tracks.

One of the tracks contains smart length of tracks (50 cm, 20 cm, 10 cm). 1 Motor (With UK or Euro fused power plug). 1 remote (Battery type: CR2032 not included). 2 ceiling brackets per meter of track (wall brackets can be added separately). 8 curtain trolleys (pulleys) per meter of track.

1050 x 60 x 240 mm with colour box (One piece). Product weight: Approximate 4.5-6 Kgs (One piece). If you need to pay with other options, please kindly contact with us. Once the courier collects your order, we will inform you the tracking information. Q: What is included in the package?

A: It almost includes all the parts and accessories for the electric curtain system except for the curtain fabric. Please see more details from the Parts & Accessories.

Q: Why do you exclude the fabric? A: We are specialist in manufacturing the electric curtain system. However, our chosen curtains may be not your best choice. Moreover, you could re-use your traditional curtains simply attaching them to our curtain tracks. Q: What is the maximum load?

A: The maximum load is 25-30 kg depends on the models, so it suits for most home and office windows. Q: Is it easy to assemble?

A: Yes, it is a DIY product so you could install it by following the user manual. Also, we have online user guides as well as installation video demo. Please download the installation video demos or manuals from our website! We sell thousands to the customers worldwide each year, most of whom will install themselves.

Q: Is it applicable if I have bay windows? A: Unfortunately this model only apply for straight windows, or those windows with two or more sides are straight. Q: How do I choose the right model for my windows? A: Our models are categorized with different length.

The maximum length of coverage is marked in the model, so you just need to measure the width of coverage for your windows (if the curtain weight is no more than 25 kg). As there is both ends attached to the tracks, the real coverage is 0.1 meter longer than the marked length. For example, HT100-3m is suitable for windows up to 3.1 meters; while HT100-5m is up to 5.1 meters. Q: Your models are categorized by meters.

What if my window is not exactly in whole meters, say 3.5 meters? A: Our models are easy to customize. You just simply cut the extra length off to meet your requirements. Q: Why my curtain system will not automatically stop when fully opened or closed?

A: Our curtain system should automatically stop when fully opened or closed. If it fails, you must tighten the tension of the steel wire following the user manual.

Make sure to first tighten the wire before adjusting the hexagon at the end. Q: What if I need two tracks? A: Dual-track will need two sets of our system so each of them can operate individually. But you could use one remote to control both of them. Q: Where can I find more detail of your products?

Q: Your demo is showing centrally opened curtains, can I install it as one-way assembly? A: Yes, you could follow the instructions in the manual to convert it to one-way open! Here are the main installation illustrations.

Q: Your curtain tracks can be extended. Could you tell how to install them in detail? A: Tracks can be extended to cover wider windows or corner installation.

See more details in the below illustration. Also known as Motorized Curtain System, Remote Control Curtain System, Remote Control Drape System, Motorized Drapery, Motorized Curtains, Electric Curtains, Electric Curtain, Motorized Rails, and Motorized Curtain Tracks, Smart Curtains, Automatic Curtains, Power Curtains. More models of Electric Curtain Tracks (Length can be customized by DIY cutting short). More information about our products, please contact with us right now!

HT800WS-2m : Length in 2 Meters. HT800WS-3m : Length in 3 Meters. HT800WS-4m : Length in 4 Meters. HT800WS-5m : Length in 5 Meters. HT800WS-6m : Length in 6 Meters.

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  • Colour: White
  • Type: Tracks
  • MPN: HT800WS-3M
  • Length: 300 cm (118\
  • Brand: HC
  • EAN: 0739810375885

310 cm (122) Remote Control Motorised Curtain Tracks (Electric drape rails)